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A lawyer coach based in Boulder, Colorado, faced challenges in growing leads through their email marketing efforts. Their email list was old, unengaged, and had not received any communication in the past six months. Moreover, the lack of valuable content made it difficult to nurture leads effectively. The open rate for previous emails was dismally low, averaging less than one percent.


Email Open Rate






New Signups

The Email Marketing Challenges:


  1. Increased Open Rate: We prepared the audience for a surprise by sending a value-packed email, resulting in an impressive open rate of 17%, with positive responses from subscribers.
  2. Significant Lead Generation: The 5-part email sequence based on the lead magnet led to an astounding 1,339 leads from people who downloaded the guide on getting more reviews.
  3. Webinar Success: The webinar email sequence attracted over 360+ sign-ups, and the subsequent follow-up emails led to the sale of the “done-for-you” service to 16 lawyers.
  4. Continued Lead Generation: Additional emails were added to the top of the funnel, leading to the generation of 3,400 more leads (people who downloaded the guide) and selling the service to 21 more lawyers within two months.
  5. Improved Email Engagement: By implementing a consistent email marketing strategy, the client’s email list saw a significant improvement in engagement, with an average open rate of 23% and a CTR of 10.4% after six months.
  6. List Cleaning: After six months, we cleaned the email list by removing unengaged subscribers, further enhancing campaign efficiency.

Email Open rate



1339 leads

Audience who downloaded the guide/ ebook

360+ Signups

360+ New Leads through signup form

Strategy and Execution


Our well-executed email marketing campaign delivered remarkable results for the lawyer coach, turning an old and unresponsive email list into a powerful lead generation tool. By offering valuable content through a lead magnet and leveraging webinars, we attracted significant interest and successfully sold the "done-for-you" service to multiple lawyers. Consistent engagement and lead nurturing led to a substantial increase in leads and a substantial improvement in open rates and click-through rates. The success of this case study underscores the effectiveness of a data-driven email marketing strategy in transforming a stagnant email list into a potent tool for lead generation and client acquisition in the lawyer coaching industry.

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