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Ardent Thrive’s client, a prominent law firm based in Herndon, VA, sought to improve their online visibility, generate more traffic, and attract potential leads through effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. They faced numerous challenges, including limited control over their website, an unoptimized site structure, and poor search visibility, hindering their ability to target multiple practice areas effectively. Furthermore, they had previously faced disappointment with an outsourced SEO service from an Indian company.

1st Page

21 Keywords ranked


Bounce Rate


New Traffic


Client Satisfaction

Challenges and Objectives:


  1. Optimized Website Structure: The law firm’s website was restructured for optimal SEO performance, providing a better user experience and clearer navigation.
  2. Impressive Organic Traffic Growth: Within the first 7 months of our SEO campaign, the website experienced a remarkable 193% increase in organic traffic.
  3. Reduced Bounce Rate: The bounce rate significantly improved, decreasing from 76% to 48%, indicating better engagement and user retention.
  4. High Rankings for Competitive Keywords: The website achieved 1st-page rankings on Google for 21 competitive keywords, attracting more targeted traffic.
  5. Improved Mobile Load Speed: The site’s mobile load speed was significantly enhanced through the implementation of AMP, improving mobile user experience.
User Experience

Improved overall UX & customer journey

193% Traffic

within 2 Quarters

76% to 48%

Reduced bounce rate

21 keywords ranked on 1st Page

6 Months Unlock

Strategy and Execution


Our tailored SEO strategy and diligent implementation enabled the law firm to overcome significant challenges and achieve outstanding results. With a structured website, optimized content, high search engine rankings, and improved user experience, the law firm experienced substantial organic traffic growth and lead generation. By leveraging data-driven SEO practices and focusing on mobile optimization, we successfully transformed the law firm's online presence, positioning them as a prominent player in their competitive industry.

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