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A well-established estate, tax, and business planning law firm in South Carolina partnered with Ardent Thrive - Marketing Agency to improve its social media targeting and increase follower conversions. The client had been dissatisfied with its previous digital marketing partner due to poor results.


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Engagement Rate




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Challenges and Objectives:


The social media marketing efforts for the estate planning law firm delivered remarkable results. The Monthly Average Growth Rate saw an impressive increase of 15% month-over-month (MoM), indicating a consistently expanding audience. Engagement Rate also saw a significant rise of 5.72% MoM, demonstrating increased interactions and interest from followers.

The campaign achieved a record-breaking 137 reactions on Facebook, indicating a highly positive response from the audience. Additionally, the Cost Per Facebook Like was remarkably low, standing at $1.19, indicating efficient and cost-effective follower acquisition.

These outstanding results are a testament to the successful execution of Ardent Thrive Internet Marketing Agency’s strategies and its ability to effectively target the desired demographic. The law firm’s social media presence experienced substantial growth and engagement, demonstrating the agency’s expertise in achieving impactful digital marketing outcomes.

Increased by an impressive 15% MoM.

Monthly Average Growth Rate

Rose by 5.72% MoM.

Engagement Rate

Achieved a record 137 reactions

Highest Number of Reactions on Facebook

Achieved a remarkable $1.19

Cost Per Facebook Like

Strategy and Execution

Priorities for the Future:

Continued Brand Awareness: Ardent Thrive plans to maintain a focus on relevant imagery that speaks to the client’s brand and promotes brand awareness.

Consistent Growth: The agency will continue using effective strategies for follower growth, engagement, and lead conversion.


Through a strategic and data-driven approach, Ardent Thrive Digital Marketing Agency successfully rebuilt the law firm's social media presence from scratch. Despite a limited budget, Ardent Thrive achieved impressive results in terms of follower growth, engagement, and click-through rates. The targeted approach to appeal to baby boomers and a focus on informative content on estate planning contributed to the success of the social media campaigns. The continuous efforts to maintain brand awareness and engage the target audience demonstrate Ardent Thrive's commitment to achieving sustainable growth for its client in the estate planning law sector.

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