Remarkable Facebook Ads Success for a Beauty Products E-commerce Store


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A beauty products e-commerce store based in Canada faced significant challenges with their previous digital marketing agency. The agency spent $10,000 on Facebook ads without delivering substantial results. This led the client to seek new digital marketing services to increase their sales and regain their trust in the advertising process.


Per Lead




Cost Per Purchase



Challenges and Objectives:


  1. Remarkable First-Month Performance: In the very first month, the results exceeded expectations, showcasing significant improvements.
  2. Cost-Effective Freemium Model: The free plus shipping cost per result was impressively low, at $5.40, allowing for an economical approach to attract potential customers.
  3. Positive ROAS from Freemium Products: Despite offering freemium products, the overall Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) remained positive due to the inclusion of shipping charges.
  4. Stellar Purchase Numbers: The e-commerce store recorded 900+ purchases within the first month, indicating strong customer interest and conversion rates.
  5. Cost-Effective Core Product Ads: The cost per purchase for core products dropped below $8, making the Facebook ad campaigns highly cost-effective.
  6. Significant ROAS for Core Products: The Return on Advertising Spend for core products surged to an impressive 10.64% solely from Facebook ads.
  7. Effective Email Marketing Conversion: The email marketing strategy resulted in a 37% conversion rate from free products to core products, boosting revenue.
  8. Increased Average Order Value (AOV): The implementation of bundle offers led to an increased Average Order Value, maximizing sales and profitability.
$5.40 Per Lead

Freemium Model attracts more potential clients

900+ Sales

900+ Sales within first month

$8 Cost Per Purchase

Making the Campaigns Highly cost-effective.

10.64% ROAS from Facebook ads

Cost Per Facebook Like

37% Conversion Rate

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Strategy and Execution


Our strategic and data-driven approach to Facebook ads revitalized the beauty products e-commerce store's digital marketing efforts. By employing the Freemium Model, optimizing landing pages, and implementing retargeting, we achieved remarkable results within the first month. The client's ad spend became highly cost-effective, and their ROI surged, re-establishing trust in the power of Facebook advertising. Through email marketing and bundle offers, we effectively upsold core products, enhancing the store's Average Order Value and overall revenue. The success of this case study serves as a testament to our ability to overcome challenges, generate impressive results, and boost sales for our clients in the highly competitive beauty products market.

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