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Ardent Thrive’s client, an E-Commerce store based in Houston, TX, faced challenges in establishing a foothold in their niche market due to fierce competition from larger brands. The client heavily relied on PPC and Facebook ads for their marketing efforts, leaving limited room for organic growth. With organic traffic averaging less than 20 sessions per month, they sought our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to reduce ad spend and improve their online visibility.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Growth in Revenue​

Natural Backlinks

Start Gaining

1st Page Ranking

in 6 months

Challenges and Objectives:


  1. 93% Increase in Organic Traffic: Over a period of 3 months, our SEO efforts led to a significant 93% increase in organic traffic, driving more relevant visitors to the website.
  2. 69% Growth in Revenue: The boost in organic traffic contributed to a remarkable 69% increase in revenue for the client, reducing their reliance on costly PPC and Facebook ads.
  3. Continuous Improvement in Rankings: Compared to larger competitors, the client’s search engine rankings consistently improved each month, gaining better visibility in search results.
  4. Enhanced Domain and Page Authority: The website’s domain and page authority experienced substantial growth, further strengthening its online presence.
  5. Natural Backlink Earning: Within just 6 months, the website started earning natural backlinks, validating its authority and relevance in the industry.
  6. Expanded Website Content: We successfully created and indexed hundreds of new pages, expanding the website’s content and providing more opportunities for organic search traffic.
93% Traffic

increased over period of 3 months

69% Growth in Revenue

Over Period of Quarter

Natural Backlink Earning

Website start gaining natural backlinks within 2 Quarters

Strategy and Execution


Our SEO strategy proved to be instrumental in driving impressive organic growth for the E-Commerce store. By targeting long-tail keywords, resolving technical issues, and securing high-quality backlinks, we achieved significant increases in organic traffic, revenue, and search engine rankings. Our data-driven approach and continuous efforts to improve the website's authority and user experience resulted in a successful SEO campaign, enabling the client to reduce their reliance on paid advertising and establish a strong position in their niche market.

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